How to Increase Productivity and Shave Hours Off Your Workday

Does your job seem repetitive at times? Do you find yourself creating the same document over and over again? Using professionally developed templates will not only save you from hours of repetitive work, it will boost your overall productivity.

Using templates and systematic processes will help you increase your productivity and literally shave hours off your workday. Here are just a few examples of how you can use templates to increase productivity in your day.


DIY One-Off Task Template

Sometimes you need a template less for a task that you perform regularly and more for help with a one-off task—like designing a layout for a product sheet or creating content for a company presentation. In this case, search out a template that has the design or content that you want—ignoring temporarily the aspect of the template that you don't need. Download the template and open in your program and—if you need the design but not the content—simply copy and paste your content into the design to replace the existing content.

DIY Partial Template Solution

A template can simplify your workflow and speed up routine tasks even if you don’t use it to complete the entire task. For example, let's assume you always use a certain style of table for your business reports, or you want all charts to share a consistent style. If you create a custom table or a chart format you will save yourself a lot of time on future projects. It may take a little time to create the initial custom format but, once it's done, you can apply it to any future table or chart with just a few of clicks.

Professional Templates

Or, if you find that you don't have the time or even technical expertise to create your own templates, you can always look for a professionally developed template that will work for all or part of your needs. Remember, chances are that someone has already created a template to do all or most of what you need done. Factor in your time and whether you should be creating a template or leveraging one that is ready to use immediately.

Template not only save you time, they also ensure consistency from one document to the next. Be smart and templatize your work when and where it makes sense!

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