Why Reinvent the Wheel?

It seems to be a common sense approach to want to avoid repetitive and wasteful effort but surprisingly enough many business professionals still try to reinvent the wheel on a daily basis. Most of what businesses do on a day-to-day basis is common -- not unique. Think of it this way, how unique is your business from other businesses really?

Are your budgets, meetings, reports, processes, etc. so unique that you can't save time by using professionally developed templates, forms, worksheets, or tools? At the very least, wouldn't 80 percent of your work be simplified by using templates?

Why reinvent the wheel? Why start from scratch in building your own frequently-used documents? Creating a meeting agenda, employee evaluation, goal setting outline, marketing calendar, business plan, sales report, inventory tool, SOW, balance sheet, P&L, or project timeline from scratch is an inefficient use of your business resources and talent. 

If you could save 80-90 percent of your time in developing these important but frequently-used templates, forms, worksheets, and tools would you be more productive in other more important areas? So, next time you think you need to create a template, form, worksheet, or tool for your work, think about it. Do you really want to reinvent the wheel?

Save time, money, and effort by using professionally developed templates to get you started on a daily basis. Stop reinventing the wheel.

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